Go Green!

“Building Green” isn’t new to the structural building components industry. In fact, we’ve been green since 1973! We are committed to helping lumberyards, builders, remodelers and home owners practice environmental responsibility and sustainability by conserving today’s resources for tomorrow’s children.

Every effort is made to offer products that balance design and performance with environmental responsibility. There’s no getting around it, the wood you purchase comes from one of the Earth’s most renewable resources – trees. Wood is the most energy efficient of major building products.

By using structural components you are maximizing material use and minimizing waste. In 1996 WTCA conducted a test by building two 2600 sq ft homes exactly the same, side by side. One conventional stick framed and one using structural components. Their findings were astonishing! The structured component framed home saved more than 25% in material and 60% in labor. Check out this website for more details and information: www.sbcindustry.com

Several LEED points can be attained by using structural components: Green Notes

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